If you want to keep your off-road vehicle moving, then Jeep® service is an absolute necessity. In fact, regular maintenance is the best way to keep your Jeep SUV off road ready. Find the service your vehicle needs at I.G. Burton Chrysler Dodge Jeep RAM of Milford.

Here are some of the most important service tasks for off-road Jeep vehicles.

Oil Changes

It’s been said time and time again that regular oil changes are the best way to keep your off-road vehicle running smoothly. Our dealership agrees that oil changes every 3,000 miles are absolutely essential to maintaining the performance of an off-road vehicle.

Tire Service

Technically, tire service encompasses a few common tire service tasks. Generally, our team recommends regular tire rotations to keep tread wear even as well as tire alignments to improve your vehicle’s performance. Plus, before you go off-roading make sure your current set of tires is equipped to handle the tough terrain.

Transmission Service

Your transmission is essential to your vehicle’s off-roading ability, so regular transmission service is definitely needed to protect your car. Before you take off on a new adventure, we suggest checking on your transmission fluid.

If it’s white or milky in appearance, then it needs to be replaced with fresh transmission fluid before you attempt to go off-road. Our service team can handle this task in no time at all.

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