You’ll find plenty of dependable used cars for sale here at I.G. Burton Chrysler Dodge Jeep® RAM of Milford. Before you buy, however, it’s always wise to inspect a vehicle for yourself.

Here’s what you should look for in a pre-owned car so that you can figure out if it’s the type of model that will work for you and your family!

The Exterior

Examine the exterior for rust or signs of damage. Any major signs of damage should trigger a closer look. Does it look like body panels were replaced or repaired? If a car was in an accident, it might still be fine to drive for many years, but you want to make sure that the repair work was done well!

Also take a look at the glass. Any small cracks in the windshield or a window can easily become larger, so make sure that you’re prepared for the expense of fixing such damage if this is the used car that’s caught your eye.

The Interior

Sit in all of the seats to make sure that they’re comfortable. Check all of them for rips or other signs of damage. Look at the roof. Does it sag? That could be water damage and a sign that future storms are going to be a problem for you.

Under the Hood

Check the battery. Is it covered in corrosion? You’re going to need to factor in the cost of replacing it then. The hoses and belts should also be in top shape. If they’re cracked or brittle-looking, that could be a sign of trouble.


Are all four of the tires matching? Are they worn down evenly? If not, you may end up replacing them sooner than expected. That’s not a small expense.

If you want to learn more about used cars and inspecting them, visit our Dodge service center and dealership in Milford, DE. We look forward to assisting you with all of your automotive needs!