We have plenty of used cars for sale on our lot, and many drivers don’t realize that one of these used cars could actually be a great investment. The dealers here at I.G. Burton Chrysler Dodge Jeep® RAM of Milford would be happy to tell you why one of these pre-owned models is a great bet.

Lower Starting Price

One of the best parts about buying used is that the vehicle you end up choosing will be significantly less expensive than a similar new model. Yes, you might not get some of the latest tech upgrades, but the trade-off in price is often more than worthwhile.

The price on a used car is lower because a car begins to decline in value once it leaves a dealer’s lot. So a vehicle that’s a few years old is likely to be less expensive than you would have guessed, making it a good investment for many drivers.

You Avoid Depreciation

We talked about how a new car begins to drop in value once it leaves the lot. This is called depreciation, and a good chunk of it happens during the first few years a vehicle is on the road. So when you buy a used vehicle, its rate of depreciation has probably slowed down. If you end up selling it a few years from now, you could end up getting more money for it than you would expect.

Used Cars Can Last Long with Proper Maintenance

Modern cars are also built to last, especially with proper care and maintenance. Used cars can be a good investment because even a vehicle with many miles already on it probably has many more miles left to drive. Just keep up with oil changes and everything else, and your used car will prove itself a good investment.

If you want to learn more about our used car selection, talk to our Chrysler dealers in Milford, DE. We’ll show you why a used car can be a great investment.