You’ve found the perfect used car here at I.G. Burton Chrysler Dodge Jeep® RAM of Milford. What’s next? There are a few things that you have to take care of before you start enjoying that new vehicle on Delaware roads.

Register Your Vehicle

You have to register your vehicle with the state and get your license plates. Otherwise, your vehicle is not going to be legal for driving around on public streets.

Confirm Your Insurance Coverage

You also need insurance coverage if you want to drive around in Delaware. There are minimum insurance requirements set by the state, but you can also opt for additional coverage like collision or comprehensive. Decide what kind of coverage you need and buy it so that you can start enjoying your car!

Get Your Vehicle Inspected

You’ll also need to have your vehicle inspected. This inspection shows that your car is safe for operation on the road and that it will not present a danger to you or anyone else.

Read Your Manual

You can now take the time to read through your manual. This isn’t just a great chance to learn about all of the features that your car has to offer. Your manual will also tell you when your car is going to need certain services, which gets us to the next step.

Make a Maintenance Schedule

If you want your used car to live a long and healthy life, proper maintenance is going to be key. It’s a good idea to make a routine maintenance schedule soon after purchasing your vehicle so that you don’t miss or delay any important services like oil changes.

If you’re looking for a used car that you can depend on, talk to our team of Jeep dealers in Milford. We’ll help you find an adventurous SUV, a stylish sports car, or that ideal family vehicle you’ve been looking for!