When you’re buying a car, it’s easy to be spellbound by shiny new models. But not only can buying a pre-owned vehicle save you money; it can also be a smarter long-term investment. I.G. Burton Chrysler Dodge Jeep RAM of Milford has an impressive variety of high-quality used cars — here’s why you should check them out.

Lower Price

The most obvious benefit of buying used is the price point. The older pre-owned cars we sell have decreased in value but not in quality, so you’ll save a good chunk of change while still getting a safe and modern vehicle. And we’re constantly running deals on CPO cars, so you can save even more.

Slower Depreciation

One of the reasons our pre-owned vehicle prices are lower is because new cars rapidly depreciate in value. Automobiles decrease in value at a quick pace during their first year on the road, but depreciation slows as the years pass.

That means that a used car that’s even one year old could cost much less a 2022 version of the same model. It also means that the used car you purchase will decline in value more slowly than a new car would. If you decide to sell your pre-owned Jeep® SUV in a few years, you’ll get a more competitive return than if you sell a car that you bought brand-new.

Easy Research

It’s easier than ever to research a car online, but you might not find all the information you need if you look up a brand-new model. Conversely, models that have been around for a few years will be reviewed online and written about by experts and enthusiasts.

So if you’re looking for a used vehicle that you can depend on, stop by our Milford, DE dealership and chat with one of our Jeep dealers.