Dodge service

Every car owner knows the importance of regular Dodge service, but that doesn’t mean every driver sticks to a schedule. Skipping your service appointments can actually have serious effects on your Dodge vehicle; that’s why our team at I.G. Burton Chrysler Dodge Jeep® RAM of Milford is here to guide you when it comes to vehicle maintenance.

Here’s what can happen to your Dodge vehicle if you avoid regular service appointments:

Costly Repairs

By far the most damaging effect of skipping regular maintenance is the high costs of repairs. When you avoid taking care of your vehicle, the damage can cost thousands of dollars to repair. For example, avoiding regular oil changes might seem like a harmless act; however, down the line, you could be doing great damage to your Dodge vehicle.

Lower Performance

One other side effect of skipping regular maintenance is decreased performance ability and efficiency. Simple services like brake checks, tire rotations, and oil changes go a long way to preserving your Dodge vehicle’s performance. Avoiding regular Dodge service can actually result in decreased performance numbers for your vehicle, such as poorer fuel economy.

Follow this Dodge Service Schedule

To avoid any of the negative effects described above, follow a Dodge service schedule to protect your vehicle. We recommend coming in for service at six-month intervals to check on your engine, tires, brakes, rotors, hoses, transmission, and fluid levels. Keeping an eye on these parts of your vehicle might be the best way to prevent major damage down the line.

Visit Our Dodge Service Center Today

To learn more about Dodge service, head to the service center at our Dodge dealership near Dover, DE. Our team will be on hand to answer your questions on scheduling service and maintaining your Dodge vehicle. Visit us today to schedule your next Dodge service appointment!